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Rolando Emmanuelli JimEnez is proud to present original photographs of magnificent places, people, nature and landmarks from Puerto Rico. The images are available for download or printing at: Rolando Emmanuelli is a Puerto Rican laywer and photographer who specializes in Puerto Rican scenery, culture and people. He has been practicing this art since childhood and has won contest prizes and recongnition for his art. If you want to buy some of my photographs printed in an archival high quality paper and excellent printer go to: The images are available at for download or printed on long lasting and fade resistant Kodak Endura and Edge professional papers. Glossy and Matte are printed on Kodak Edge, and Lustre is printed on Kodak Supra Endura. KODAK Endura (Lustre) and Edge (Glossy, Matte) are 'archive quality' papers, designed to last for generations. KODAK's tested light-keeping is equivalent to 100+ years before noticeable fading occurs in a typical home display, and over 200 years in dark storage. Please be aware that minimum cropping could occur due to printing requirements. For orders printed by EZ Prints, images are usually printed and shipped within 2 business days, less if expedited shipping is chosen. You will be notified via email when the order has shipped including a tracking number if available.